Meet the BLINQ Team

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Alex Zimmermann

Maître de plaisir

Alex is responsible for the strategy and the day-to-day business of the company. Prior to BLINQ he founded Uniseminar, the leading study aid company in Switzerland. He holds a double Master degree in Accounting & Finance from the University of St. Gallen and in International Management from ESADE Business School.

Jan Berchtold

Pirate informatique

Jan is in charge of the technology behind the app. Prior to BLINQ he founded IOU, a very popular app for expense management currently tracking over $35 millions. He studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zürich where he completed his master in robotics.

Marco Glauser

Singe de code

Marco is responsible for developing the software behind BLINQ. He holds a bachelor degree in computer science at the University of Applied Science Rapperswil. Beforehand he worked at Youngculture, developing Web Applications.

Andreas Märki

Artiste electronique

As a software developer, Andreas takes care of the swift and smooth user experience at the mobile endpoint. Prior to BLINQ he was responsible for the iOS development branch at Goldbach Interactive. He studied informatics at the ABB Technician school in Baden.

Tim Bachofen

Le Penseur

Besides thinking, Tim also develops the software behind BLINQ. Previously he earned his bachelor degree in computer science at the University of Applied Science Rapperswil and developed web applications at Young Solutions.

Jasmin Gemperle

Chef de meute

Jasmin takes care of the community management and marketing at BLINQ. She holds a Master degree in law from the University of Zurich. She says HI to everyone and BYE to nobody. So be nice and say HI!

Advisory Board

Keeping our crazy minds under control

Matthias Jäggi

Advisor for Financial Matters

Matthias has been working in financial services for more than twenty years, predominantly leading financing transactions. “A vision without execution is a hallucination” - is his guiding principle. He holds a master in finance from the University of Zurich.

Adrian Dubler

Advisor for Strategic Matters

Adrian is responsible for strategic advise and supports BLINQ with his extensive experience in the Startup market. He is running the restaurant company “Hin&Weg” and is member of the board of BuddyBroker and GotCourts. He studied Hotel Management at the Hotel Management School in Lausanne.

Rasmus Rothe

Advisor for Artificial Intelligence

Rasmus advises BLINQ on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. He built the algorithms behind and is the founder of HackZurich. He studied Computer Science at Oxford and Princeton and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Vision at ETH Zurich.